- Pink FX Account.

Best Forex Managed Accounts. is pleased to announce the launch of its own in house managed forex account. The forex trading method employed forforexmanaged account has been constructed and the trading process tweaked over a 2 year period by Mr M C Green of Ferrari Green Associates Ltd. The technical trading system ignores fundamental information leading to a sophisticated trading routine. The mechanical trading system operates on the basis of all known information being written into the live market instrument price. Classic chart patterns formed only on the 24 hour close price of the instrument are used, eliminating intraday market noise, leading to a sustained and proven systematic trading methodology. High probability trade entry points are identified through the use of a bespoke leading indicator and further confirmed through the use of stochastic, bollinger bands, Williams Indicator and support and resistance levels. For detailed forex managed account monthly returns please visit our performance page. Each individual trade entry is limited to a maximum 3% risk of capital employed. As a general rule there are no more than three open positions at any one time, leading to a total maximum risk of 9% at any single point. Trade exit points are sought through pre-set take profit targets or are closed out through the use of trailing stop loss functionality. Risk management is further enhanced through the initial setting of tight trailing stops once the trade and stop are both in positive territory then the trailing stop is widened on a discretionary basis in order to capture the wider price movement. The system runs 24/7 during the normal market week placing no more than one trade per cross currency pair per day. The system is routinely optimised on a rolling monthly basis based on the previous 6 month price data, thus adapting to changing market amplitude on a timely and relevant basis. Subscribe to our free forex investments newsletter.